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Questions & Answers

Zikko Smart Car Charger CC520

1. How do I know the CC520 has been charged?

After CC520 is inserted into the car cigar lighter, indicator light of CC520 in USB port will be on, and it means that the CC520 has been charged.


2. How much the input voltage of CC520 is?

CC520 uses wide voltage with normal voltage of 10.8-30V which can meet requirements of different types of cars.


3. How much the output voltage of CC520 is?

Output voltage of CC520 is 5.15±0.2V which can be used for charging of mobile phone, MP3 and MP4.


4. How much the output current of CC520 is?

CC520 is equipped with two USB output ports, so the output current will be 2A when only one port is used; only 1A current is outputted by one port when two USB ports are used simultaneously. You can charge two electronic equipments simultaneously, so it is convenient for use.


5. Which types of electronic equipments can CC520 charge?

CC520 is applicable for most Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and Samsung equipments and mobile phones supporting USB charging.