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PowerBag 6000 Portable Power(PB6000)

This , Only for Apple's fans.

The highest 2A charging speed for PowerBag and up

2.4A output for iPhone charging

The storage will enable the full power of iPhone 7 for two times


Product Overview
How to Use
Coming with discrete Lightning charging data cable authorized by Apple MFi

Take out the PowerBag Lightning Charging cable from the battery, and charge your iPhone or PowerBag.



Elegant arc and feel comfortable.
Quick charging, too wonderful for words.

The highest 2A charging speed for PowerBagand up to 2.4A output for iPhone charging.

This , simple and ingenious is compatible.
for you iPhone, iPod and iPad, 100% Apple MFi Authorized. 
Energy Conservation, standby and do as you like.

Long press for 3 seconds to shut down and auto shutdown in case of no response for 60 seconds.

Visible LED battery indicator.

Before you set out, press the open button and know the power condition quickly.

Automated recognition Facility and Efficient Charging.

The discharge conversion rate is above 90%. The storage will enable the full power of iPhone 7 for two times. 

ultimate tool for modern life — and an elegant way to live a better day.
Makes a splash. Takes a splash.

Theintegrated design of the body by aluminum alloy and rubber makes it pouring and water proof. 


The most fantastic and brilliant drawer box. Only a press and a push, you will get the PowerBag.

Compatible device
PowerBag 6000  support Apple iPhone7 Plus / iPhone7 iPhone6s Plus / iPhone 6 Plus /iPhone 6/ iPhone 6S/
iPhone 5S /iPhone 5C /iPhone 5/SE/iPad Air /iPad (4th generation) /iPad mini with Retina display
/iPad mini /iPod touch (5th generation) /iPod nano (7th generation),Andrion.

Questions & Answers


Zikko portable powers are all be precharged with certain power for

using instantly. In addition, Zikko portable powers have no memory effect, so no need to recharged by 8~12 hours for 3 times at the beginning of using.

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