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Excellent LED Lightning Cable(SC500-L150R)

Beautiful as silk. Unrivaled durability as huge rock.

* Smart  LED  show charging status. Automatically charging, automatic stop when full charge. protect the battery.

* The integration of solid metal forming, unrivaled durability.

* Flat and braid design , same as silk .

* 1.5m, unobstructed distance. 




Product Overview
How to Use
100% original Apple authorization

Original Apple lightning connector , supports  iOS unlimited times upgrade.

2.4A fast charging and lossless data transmission.



Smart lightning LED charging cable.

 The LED makes it easy to check charging status at a glance. 

1. Automatically checking battery status of the device.

2. Automatically charging till device is fully charged, and then LED will shut down 20 minutes later.

3. LED indicates charging status, 1%-95% : Red , 95%-100% : Green.

Flat braid cable,as silk.

 Dual-Braid,smoothand not wire cable, Love can’t let go.

WORLD NO.1 Apple MFi Licensed LED Lightning Smart-cable.

 Automatically test charging, the work instruction of lightning interface. Flashing, like the breath of people.

Automatically test charging

The work instruction of lightning interface. Flashing, like the breath of people.



Reserved only 4.5mm*8.6mm  front end,

designed for protect frame of metal phone, use no worry.

Suitable for

 SC500-L150R support Apple iPhone 6 Plus /iPhone 6/

iPhone 5S /iPhone 5C /iPhone 5 /iPad Air /

iPad (4th generation) /iPad mini with Retina display/

iPad mini /iPod touch (5th generation) /iPod nano (7th generation)

SC500-L150R complete support ………

Personalized packaging

Unrivaled durability packing  Can not be broken.

Have three colors silvery, gold,rose gold.




Questions & Answers


For providing you a better using experiences and protect

your digital equipments, we suggest you use the original accessories of Zikko products while recharging for your digital equipments,otherwise, there is potential damage exists.

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