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ET.BABY Portable Power Supply

ET BABY, Welcome to Earth.

* ET BABY strong power,good design.

* High capacity
* Fast charging (2A input,2.4A output),efficiency


Product Overview
How to Use
ET. BABY. Welcome to The Earth.

They are human's good friends.

ET.BABY story

Due to climate change, human must move out to search for better life.

But six ET baby found earth by quintuple space, and they show great interest to human ...so they came to earth together.

ET baby landed in Victoria Peak HK,but intelligence department found them, then goverment send out special forces to arrest them, so ET baby hide in Tin Shui Wai Park.....

Justin (10 years old) and his brother Samuel (3 years old)  meet ET baby, but no one believe them, so they introduce ET baby to human.

People are crazy for ET baby a,they call  this six ET baby “Gold baby、Sliver baby、Green baby、Yellow baby、Red baby&Blue baby”.....

One day,people ask where is ET baby come from,then ET baby send  power to human`s moible phone, it`s showing----solar system.....

After long time searching, ET baby`s planet sent a boat to take them back, and human  warmly welcome them.....

ET.BABY personnel file

Name:Yellow BABY
Age:Unspecified?But with an innocent heart.
Energy: 6600mAh +2.4A output
Interest:Make firends, horrific things
Feature:forward  ears
Character:Honest, careful
Outlook:Gentle and tolerant  color, Humanism
Tag phrase: Each family has its own problems

Name:Blue BABY
Age:Very old
Energy: 6600mAh +2.4A output
Character:Smart and capable
Outlook:Cheerful and lively color, optimistic
Tag phrase:Don't let me see your weaknesses


Name:Red BABY
Energy: 6600mAh +2.4A output
Interest:To persuade others
Feature: Better saying than doing
Outlook:Angry color
Tag phrase:Leave it to me


Name:Gold BABY
Age:Mature than his  real age
Energy:  8400mAh +2.4A output
Interest: conquer the planet, shining everywhere
Feature: Play positive energy at max
Outlook: Strong and tough color, endeavor and courage
Tag phrase:I am the most handsome ET baby


Name:Green BABY
Energy: 8400mAh +2.4A output
Interest:Speak fluent human language
Feature:Energy conversion , clairvoyance
Outlook:Passionate color
Tag phrase:In order to love and justice, burn a small universe!

Name:Sliver BABY
Energy: 8400mAh +2.4A output
Interest:Go out with ET baby ,found earth friend
Character:peace ,simple
Outlook:Peace and mercy color
Tag phrase:I am a genius!


6600mAh Feature

6600mAh/UV Painting

8400mAh Feature

8400mAh/electroplating technology

ET.BABY common point

ET BABY strong power,good design
High capacity
Fast charging (2A input,2.4A output), efficiency.



Breathing light


2.4A /5V output

Smart switch

Energy   conservation

ET.BABY shoes

Non-slip mat

ET BABY left ear

2A output

ET BABY right ear

1A/5V output

ET.BABY seek power

Use Micro USB cable to charge it

ET.BABY release power

Can be charge two device

Take ET BABY,Easy trip

No matter phone,
no worry power off


Blue baby:
We can company master
Look at me, you will have a good mood


With ET baby
No matter life, work, you will feel good


ET BABY can be compatible with
Beyond that which also can be 100%
compatible with Blackberry and Samsung mobile phones

We come with UFO

ET.BABY powerbank     USB/Micro cable     specifications



Honey, please take me!


Questions & Answers


Zikko portable powers are all be precharged with certain power for

using instantly. In addition, Zikko portable powers have no memory effect, so no need to recharged by 8~12 hours for 3 times at the beginning of using.

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